Liat is so knowledgeable and higly experienced with treating women's hormonal issues. Reflexology works! I would recommend NMF Clinic.

GP Hormonal Imbalance

I have reflexology and massage sessions with Liat. Her professionalism has outshined many other therapists I have used worldwide over the past few years. I have had to undergo many physio sessions with various clinics to ease whiplash pain in my shoulders and none have eased any of the tension. After one massage from Liat I was definitely put through some uncomfortable techniques but nonetheless very effective with immediate results.

I had not had reflexology prior to going to Liat but she has definitely set the bar very high, she takes in all relevant details of personal lifestyle so she can provide the best possible service to your body.

As a full time student this has definitely helped relieve stress and gives me something to look forward to. Liat shows great patience and honesty to her clients without taking advantage, she makes a programme that is best suited to whatever reasons you attend the sessions.

BJ Hormonal Imbalance

This place is a must if you want alternative therapy i.e. reflexology, massage etc. I have reflexology and it's it's my wellbeing!

BJ Menopausal Hormonal Imbalance

I would highly recommend Liat. She is very professional and caring. I am in perimenopause. When I started having reflexology with her, I had had a string of gynaecological problems. After 9 months of treatment, I feel alot calmer and my hormones have settled. She has given me my life back!

HC from Belgium Pre Menopausal Hormonal Imbalance

I have been seeing Liat for Reflexology treatment for 2 years. She has helped me tremendously with my hormone imbalances. Something my GP has not been able to do. I highly recommend Liat for her knowledge her compassion and her ability to connect with the patient on an emotional level. She is a very special lady and I wouldn't be without her . It's a fantastic treatment for over all well being as well as a medical treatment. Liat has given me back my quality of life and has brought me a lot of peace and happiness. So I'm eternally grateful.

DO Hormonal Imbalance and well being

I have recently received a Facial Reflexology by Liat. This treatment has left me Rejunevated, Reenergised as well as giving my skin a great complexion ... Liat is also very caring through her touch and felt my wellbeing was taken care for ... Great Therapist, not to be missed ...

NM Facial reflexology well being

Liat is a super sensitive and intuitive body worker. I really felt i had a deep inner cleanse after an hour in her hands. Wonderfully relaxing in a delightfully healing atmosphere.

LT Therapeutic massage

I have been having regular reflexology sessions with Liat for over 2 years. It has made a real difference and been an essential part of improving my health and life balance. Liat is both skilled and intuitive. The sessions are always wonderfully relaxing.

EH Well being reflexology

I got recommended by a friend to see Liat back in 2015 when I was struggling to fall pregnant with my first child. I fell pregnant and continued to see her with reflexology throughout my whole pregnancy. She is wonderful! Such a beautiful person and made my pregnancy so special. I suffered with migraines, morning sickness, bloating and your usual pregnancy symptoms. I was amazed. My migraines stopped and it helped so much with all the rest. I had a beautiful birth just how I wanted and I believe Liat’s reflexology helped me stay calm and in touch with my body and baby.

My beautiful baby is now 2 years old and I am currently seeing Liat again with this pregnancy. The same things occurred migraines etc and have gone again. Am sitting waiting for her to arrive any day now. I could not recommend Liat and her reflexology enough. I feel so blessed to have met her and have her on both my pregnancy journeys. I will be looking forward to seeing her post baby for some treatments. Thank you so so much. Xx

CH Maternity reflexology

I saw Liat throughout my pregnancy at both her clinics and she was absolutely amazing! The reflexology treatments were so beneficial with helping to ease my pregnancy related symptoms. I also suffer from anxiety and this was worse during pregnancy - Lat's treatments were invaluable in helping me remain calm throughout my pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby boy. I have enjoyed her treatments so much that I have seen her several times since - I would highly recommend her!

LV Maternity reflexology

Would Highly recommend Liat. Very relaxing, makes me feel comfortable. Reflexology has helped me massively through my pregnancy, not only having the treatment, but having Liat to talk to about my pregnancy experiences and worries.

HAK Maternity reflexology

Liat has been wonderful throughout my pregnancy. I started seeing her at week 20, every 3 weeks, increasing the frequency of our sessions the closer I get to my due date. Although I have had a healthy, low risk pregnancy, she was brilliant at helping with any niggles like cramping, back ache, tiredness and circulation. She is such a great listener, very intuitive and very professional! I couldn’t recommend her enough.

JM Maternity reflexology

Liat creates such a welcoming, relaxing and safe space during sessions. She is a very warm an intuitive person and I found it easy to connect with her and trust her, which I think is a very important part of the process. Liat makes sure to get to know you and understand your needs in order to work reflexively with you and she is very thorough and consistent in her approach; the holistic way in which she works was so helpful for me in overhauling my lifestyle and thought patterns around my fertility journey. I’ve no doubt she has contributed in a big way to my general health. I always look forward to our weekly sessions, as I always leave so relaxed, but also importantly healthier and in a better frame of mind, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

KR Fertility & maternity reflexology

Liat provides wonderfully professional and personalised treatments. She supported me through successful IVF treatment and a pregnancy. I am absolutely certain that the treatments helped me to be in the best place, physically and emotionally, enabling me to grow a beautiful baby. I found Liat’s knowledge and experience of fertility very useful; it was great to catch up each week about scans, appointments and symptoms. I will always look back on her reflexology as an integral part of my pregnancy experience and one that was so incredibly positive and relaxing.

EJ Fertility & maternity reflexology

Hi Liat, Just wanted to let you know I went into labour at 5am the very very next morning after seeing you!! Thank you so much for seeing me. I think it was your calming aura and that did it J. We have a little boy who was born at 11:10 yesterday morning - 7lbs 5 - yet to be named! Thanks again.

Sarah xx Maternity labour induction reflexology

Thank you so much for the session on Thursday. I was disappointed when contractions stopped at 8pm, but tried to stay positive and remember all the things you had said. It was actually a blessing as I was woken at 2.30am and from then on things got more regular and I delivered a gorgeous little boy, Arthur, at 12.04 yesterday. I feel really well and labour was a wonderful and far more positive experience than last time.

Thank you for your help and for allowing me to feel and remain so calm.

Hannah D Maternity labour induction reflexology

I am so lucky to have found Liat. She has been a ray of sunshine during my pregnancy so far. She was recommended by a friend and has helped me immensely with my morning sickness and is now continuing to support me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. She is so much more than a reflexologist!

Katie, L C Maternity Reflexology

Dear Liat, Thank you so much for everything you did for us and for being so calm and understanding throughout our stressful journey. I am so grateful. Looking forward to seeing you soon with my little guy.

Jess xxx Fertility & maternity reflexology

It was a yoga teacher who recommended that I try reflexology with Liat during my second pregnancy. I felt incredible after the first treatment.

I had worked all the way through my first pregnancy even though, as a midwife, you’d think I’d have been advised not to. My son, William, was a breech baby and passed away. Everyone said my second pregnancy would be terrible, but my mindset was so different. It could be a coincidence, but with reflexology I went on to have a trouble-free pregnancy and birth.

I had retrained in yoga and mindfulness in India and found reflexology aligned closely to my beliefs. Liat’s maternity reflexology was really supportive to my frame of mind and general hormonal balance. I was able to send any negative thoughts on their way. I had a little bit of backache which Liat treated successfully, but unlike my first pregnancy I had no water retention and Seth’s fluid levels were normal. It was the perfect pregnancy and birth - I had a nice water birth and even delivered Seth myself because I didn’t want anyone else near me!

It’s really nice to give feedback to Liat during the treatment, so that she can focus on aspects of my body that I instinctively want to work on. I love to visualise chakra colours flowing through my body and if I’m feeling depleted of energy, I feel I’ve been brought back into balance by her treatment.

I recommend to Liat’s reflexology treatments to so many people, younger and older, to huge success. I also teach pregnancy yoga and recommend her maternity reflexology to my students.

VC, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Maternity Care & Post Natal Care Reflexology

I visited Liat in Faversham during my third trimester while suffering from pain related to sciatica and SPD. Liat was extremely professional and caring, I found the sessions to be not only profoundly relaxing but helpful in easing the pelvic and leg pain that was causing immobility. My sciatica disappeared. I would highly recommend Liat!

Mary R Maternity Reflexology

Liat’s reflexology treatment and professional approach was to a very large degree instrumental in successfully treating my swollen foot the lymphatic system for which had been damaged by cellulitis.

Ian Reflexology

Liat is a great reflexologist and highly skilled. If you have been wondering about whether to book with her, don't hesitate; do it. As a past practising reflexologist (under the name of The Foot Place, Faversham) I can highly recommend Liat's practice. She shows care and attention sometimes only promised in other practices. She tailored her treatments perfectly to my needs, instead of a one-size fits all. Sometimes it isn't just about the treatment; it's about the admin as well, which is also excellent, with regular reminder texts and email communication. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liat to all ages. She has a genuine warmth and understanding that makes you want to come back for more. Thank you, Liat.

Kay S Reflexology

I've been going to Liat for a couple of years now and really recommend her practice. She's got fabulous hands and her reflexology is wonderful. I've always got something achey and she works magic on it all!! It's not only my body that she soothes either, it's my brain! I sleep so well after a visit to her clinic and she reminds me what I need to do in my life to make my body and mind work better. I highly recommend her professional and caring practice.

Lucy, Wellbeing Reflexology

I was recommended to see to the gorgeous Liat through a friend, and I feel so lucky to have found her. I went to see her for hormonal balancing after being on the pill for 5 years and she made an immediate difference. Guiding me to a happy balance she is also a wonderful listener and teacher. Her gentle, trustworthy and caring approach makes you feel safe and comfortable, and her treatment is so effective, I can’t recommend her more highly.

PC Hormonal & Menopausal Reflexology

Hi Liat,Just to let you know, our baby arrived on Saturday! Thank you so much with your help!! Will be in touch regarding post partum reflexology.Thanks, G xx

GB Maternity labour induction reflexology

I can thoroughly recommend Liat, she is magical in her abilities as a therapist. She is extremely attentive and listens to your needs. Her massage is amazing and I am benefiting hugely from the Reflexology sessions.

BC, University consultant Reflexology

Over the years, I’ve looked for ways of resolving my personal mixture of migraines and vertigo. I have looked for medicated/GP solutions, but it was when my hypnotherapist recommended I see Liat, that I started to make progress.

Her reflexology treatment is gentle and effective. Liat resolved my brief period of agoraphobia. I give her a lot to work with - I have a challenging, emotionally-draining nursing career that I am fully committed to. Liat helps me get through the low points and I can plan for completely migraine-free holidays. I can’t recommend Liat highly enough. She’s really good and a credit to the nmf clinic.

CR, Nurse maternity intensive care unit Reflexology

Liat is a caring, highly professional therapist who I trust and have a great deal of respect and confidence in her ability as a holistic therapist. The treatment is exceptional from her professionalism to her genuine caring nature and interest in her clients/patients. I would highly recommend having treatment with Liat at either location she works at (Canterbury and Faversham) both are very comfortable, warm, quiet and chillaxed environments to add to your treatment experience. I hadn’t heard or met Liat prior to a recommendation made to me following an incidental conversation with a friend. Since having treatment I have and will continues to highly recommend her to others.

DG, Physiotherapist Kent Cricket team Reflexology

Liat is very friendly and professional. I really feel so much better in myself after reflexology with her. I have fibromyalgia and truly find this treatment very beneficial. Thanks Liat x x

JK Reflexology

I had a very comfortable and happy pregnancy and most of that comes down to Liat. I suffered from back pain and constant heartburn and was recommended Liat. My very dusty bottle of gaviscon is testament to her skill. She has been an amazing support and aid not only with physical problems but wonderful support to the emotional too. She will definitely be supporting me on the next pregnancy from the start ! I am so thrilled that I found her at such a special time. Thank you Liat xx

Sara K Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology with Liat is a wonderful experience! I have been attending regular sessions both before and during my pregnancy, and now see it as an essential part of taking care of myself. Liat is warm and very friendly, and instantly makes you feel comfortable. I am most impressed by Liats professionalism and how she takes time to listen to how you are, making detailed notes and providing explanations and support. I highly recommend attending Liats clinic’s.

KS Fertility & maternity reflexology

Hi Liat I couldn’t wait to re test and I got a positive pregnancy test this time, I’ve just got back from the hospital and they have confirmed with blood test and I am definitely pregnant! Thank you so so much I’m a hundred percent sure it’s down to the treatments I’ve had with you that I’ve got this happy outcome. I can’t thank you enough Liat I’ve waited over 2 years for this!! Thank you and I will recommend you to any friends who might need help in the future.Blessings N xxx

NP Fertility & maternity reflexology

I received pregnancy reflexology from Liat throughout my pregnancy which was so relaxing and stress relieving. The reflexology was different depending on my gestation and I felt it was very effective especially when I was 10 days late, after having a reflexology session my waters broke and I went into labour that night and my baby boy was born the next morning so I was very grateful for this!

Liat was really friendly and the environment was very relaxing. I would definitely recommend pregnancy reflexology with Liat from ❤

HJ, Midwife Maternity Care Reflexology

I thought I was just having an indulgent moment when I booked my first session, but I walked away with a strong feeling that I was about to make a few changes in my life. I’d been increasingly rage-y in the run up to my periods and had become a shouty mother. I wanted to do more exercise, but felt constrained by lower back pain. I was also drinking about 20 units a week and thought that was normal. Liat asked some pretty direct questions, but in such a good way. Over the past four months I’ve addressed exercise and drinking - and don’t have back pain any more.

I have come to relish my monthly reflexology sessions at the nmf clinic in Faversham. They are beyond relaxing and I always walk away feeling like a better version of myself. There’s no doubt taking an hour every month is a welcome moment to pause and reflect on how I feel in my head and in my body. Liat’s application of reflexogy technique are quite frankly, brilliant. But more than that, she’s on this journey with me. Over the past four months, she’s gently coached and guided me on my fitness, diet and drinking.

Oh - and my kids are most impressed at how much calmer I am before my period - so as you can imagine, my family are pretty supportive of my newly acquired reflexology habit.

SH, Marketing Consultant Hormonal & Menopausal Reflexology

Reflexology for labour induction was given on 21/05/17.

Thank you so much Liat 😊 Labour started 22/05/17 and Baby was born on 23/05/17 at 7am and 7lb11oz 💙 😊👶 it went really well. Thank you for Everything ! x x x

HS Maternity Reflexology

"I’ve been suffering from severe migraines for years. They arrive regularly each month, neatly in sync with my menstrual cycle, demanding that I retreat to my bed for two to three days until they pass.

My GP has offered medicated treatments, but I wanted to find a holistic solution that would solve my issues and have no side effects. I radically changed my diet but realised that I still needed adapt other aspects of my life.

I found the nmf clinic by picking up a leaflet in Canterbury. Even after the very first reflexology treatment, I felt the immediate benefits of feeling really relaxed, followed by being more energised over the course of the following week. What I’ve found really helpful is that Liat takes an holistic view of me and takes time to explain what’s going on in the treatment and in my body. She asks questions, takes notes and keeps a close track of the progress I’m making.

Three months on, my migraines but things have changed. They are now occurring in a different part of my menstrual cycle and they are not as severe or as regular. I wasn’t expecting them to stop overnight and I have been amazed at the changes that have happened since starting the treatments, so I am committed to continuing in the hope that Liat will carry on making these gradual changes for the better.

I have had a lot of holistic treatments over the years, but I’d never experienced anything like the relaxation I find in Liat’s treatments. I feel very lucky to have found her and I’m recommending her to everyone who mentions hot flushes, panic attacks and migraines."

LB Hormonal Imbalance

When I became pregnant last year, I started having severe migraines six days a week. I didn’t get migraines during my first pregnancy and after two months of almost daily migraines, I was finding it really depressing. I wasn’t able to enjoy my time with my three year old.

A friend recommend Liat to me. I wouldn’t normally have considered reflexology - I’m a little bit sceptical. Liat, though, was amazing.

I saw her once a week. She took lots of notes, gave me reflexology treatment and then after three or four sessions, the migraines stopped. On the occasions I had them, I could call Liat up and she’d squeeze me in for a prompt appointment and ease the headache with reflexology and lymphatic drainage.

I continued to see Liat throughout my pregnancy. After the birth, I was able to bring the baby to treatments sleeping with me. It was good to have the time for myself. I think my migraines were hormonal. If I ever get more than the occasional premenstrual migraines again, I’ll be straight back to Liat - I think she’s a miracle woman!

When anyone talks about headaches or migraines, I always recommend seeing Liat. Four of my neighbours see Liat, two of them on my recommendation - she’s taking over my street!”

TM Maternity Care Reflexology

I was having all the menopause symptoms, you name it, hot flushes, headaches, murderous thoughts, I had it! What I really wanted was to find a way of being more in control of my emotions - less erratic - and to get back to the humanitarian in me. A friend recommended that I see Liat for hormonal reflexology.

As well as working in a demanding environment, I also do some charitable work. Unfortunately I can be very intolerant of others; I can feel especially impatient if I think people are moaning about little things. So when I first met Liat, I was feeling tearful, angry and probably quite volatile. I’m still feel all those things, but maybe reduced by half.

With Liat’s treatment, something seems to give. Liat has calmed me down. I’m not so stressed out. Together we’ve worked out that I’m dealing with a combination of hormonal issues and workplace stress. My days off are blissful - and I can feel the tension rise as I head back to work after a few days off. She’s helping me to deal with the stress, as well as the hot flushes and encourages me to look after myself more. After our sessions I feel like I’m on cloud nine; my feet feel fabulous and I have a feeling of dreamy relaxation. Everyone should have a Liat in their life.

NB Hormonal Imbalance and Well Being

WI had suffered from back problems for ten years. It would be depressing when I couldn’t stand or walk - I had sometimes been hospitalised. So when I became pregnant for a second time, I was advised that my back might cause me problems during pregnancy and labour. As I was pregnant, I didn’t want to look at intensive physio or massage, so I thought I’d try reflexology.

As soon as I met Liat, she was so lovely and welcoming; I knew that she genuinely wanted to help me. She took the most in depth medical history from me. I found it so reassuring that she really wanted to know about my previous pregnancy experience and medication.

I saw Liat every week through my pregnancy, and I looked forward to it so much as time to myself. It always made me feel better.

As it turned out, Liat was the consistent ‘care giver’ throughout my pregnancy - I saw lots of different midwives, but Liat was the person I saw every week. With her support and insight, I was able to ask my midwives much more effective questions. Liat suggested that reflexology could help prepare my body for labour. This was a new idea to me, but I think it’s partly down to all her work that I had a natural, pretty quick, hypno-birth in the end, with no gas or air. I’m a very tense, anxious kind of person, but every Friday, Liat’s treatment was my time to really chill out.

I’m still seeing Liat on a regular basis and I haven’t had a single back pain episode throughout my pregnancy or since seeing her. She has completely changed my approach to life and how to live in a more natural, holistic way. It’s been a hugely positive experience meeting such a, lovely person!

SB Back pain in pregnancy

Liat helped me immensely through a very difficult time – I’d had a couple of miscarriages which had left me both emotionally and physically shut down. I was desperate for another baby but neither my mind nor body were in the right place. I completed a course of fertility reflexology and within a few months not only did I start to emotionally heal but physically my body started to respond and I found myself pregnant. I’m now literally waiting for the arrival of my long awaited number 2 any day now. I can’t recommend Liat enough – not only is she a fantastic practitioner who listens and puts you at ease from the second you make contact with her, she is also hugely supportive and personable. She has been in touch through my pregnancy and I truly believe I am where I am because of the treatments I received, what a find!

LS, Teacher Fertility Reflexology

My first visit to Liat was prompted by an excruciating problem with my back caused by unwise lifting. I was due to make a long flight the next day and Liat's treatment was calming, soothing and enabled me to travel in relative comfort... invaluable! I now have regular treatment of my hands and arms, as I suffer from the beginnings of arthritis; not great for a string player. Once again, Liat's wonderful treatment helps enormously, apart from being a lovely relaxing experience. I can't recommend this therapy highly enough.

GR, Musician Therapeutic Massage

I visited Liat as I was having problems with my back and tummy. I was given an induction where we discussed my issues; she then proceeded to work her "magic" via reflexology. The experience was amazing, and with further sessions my problems eased. I would highly recommend reflexology to anyone and specifically treatment by Liat, as she is a truly amazing practitioner!

TD, Exhibition Director Reflexology

I have been coming to Liat for many years now. I have hot-stone deep tissue therapy massage every couple of months to help with my very painful and stiff head, neck & shoulder. Having pain causes me a lot of stress with my day to day life and in running my own business. Liat’s treatment allows me to let go of all the stress and tension I carry. I can relax which is essential for me. She also works with deep breathing techniques which I find extremely helpful. Her massage is always changing to suit my particular need at the time. I find the care, attention and her observation to my problem very professional. I recommend her to all my friends and family members and look forward to my next session with her.

EE, Jewellery Designer Therapeutic Massage

I am certain that the regular reflexology treatments were solely instrumental to my wonderfully healthy and complication-free pregnancy. Liat kept me feeling energised, strong, stress free and happy throughout the nine months. I couldn't recommend the treatments enough. My birth was a textbook success and thanks to Liat's expertise in balancing my hormones I never suffered from Baby Blues either. Maternity reflexology should be offered to everyone. It is amazingly gentle yet powerful in its effects and I couldn't recommend it enough!

HW, Online Business Owner Maternity Care Reflexology

I went to see Liat for Reflexology with a specific issue which was digestion-related. She explained how she would address it and how I could work with her during the session. It was an amazing and helpful experience and after two sessions my issue was manageable. I wish I'd gone sooner!

LR, Yoga Teacher Reflexology

Hey Liat, Just wanted to let you know we are 16 weeks pregnant now, and it is a girl which is really exciting.Many Thanks.

AJ, Dental Nurse Fertility Reflexology

Hi Liat, You will never guess what I'M PREGNANT!!!! Doesn't feel like it's real. Thank you and Yes I really think it helped seeing you because I left you feeling relaxed and positive.

CH, Web Designer Fertility Reflexology

Liat’s treatments were very relaxing and interesting; she was able to point out a “blockage” in my system that was later identified in more invasive medical tests. I credit Liat’s support in helping me to understand fertility issues in contributing to my pregnancy.

JH, Deputy Head Fertility Reflexology

Liat is by far the best massage therapist I know. As a sufferer of back pain with two prolapsed discs and a sporty lifestyle, regular therapeutic massage is very important to me and the skill of the therapist is paramount. Liat provides hot with cold stone deep tissue massage as well as a very holistic and relaxing experience that I can highly recommend. Thank you A.J

AJ, Financier Therapeutic Massage

I started seeing Liat for reproductive reflexology treatments soon after my husband and I decided that we wanted to start a family. I had been on hormonal contraceptives for many years and always had a concern that I would have difficulty falling pregnant. I immediately felt very comfortable talking to Liat about my concerns and she was extremely reassuring and not at all dismissive of what others had called my 'unfounded' concerns about being able to fall pregnant. The initial block of treatments focussed on regulating my hormones and bringing on my natural cycles alongside crucial relaxation techniques. I got my first non-hormone controlled cycle within a week of my first treatment and began to track my fertility signs using an app which Liat also has access to, meaning we could discuss these in detail in the appointments. I learnt a huge amount about my body and my fertility signs during this process, including most importantly being able to pinpoint my ovulation days, and I fell pregnant after only 3 cycles. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and have continued to see Liat every week, now for maternity treatments. It is fantastic to have someone who listens to your concerns and is able to treat specific problems you report, and the actual treatments themselves are so relaxing-just blissful!

Having the treatments has made a huge difference to how I felt about my fertility and definitely helped to prepare my body and mind for falling pregnant. Liat is such a warm, caring person and truly looks at you in a holistic way. I would highly recommend her and the NMF clinic for fertility or maternity reflexology treatments.

LO, Therapist Fertility & Maternity Care Reflexology

Thank you ever so much for my reflexology treatment which was done just 2 weeks before my baby was born. We had a wonderful time me and my little girl. My cramps on my calves disappeared, my whole body was so relax that I nearly fall asleep.I hoped that the 50 min would never end! Liat spend extra time with me to explain everything about my pregnancy which I didn't know.I left feeling relaxed and more knowledgeable. Thank you so much for doing this smile emoticon I would recomend nmfclinic to everyone , I am looking forward to seeing you again, your client M xx

MB, Waitress Maternity Care Reflexology

During the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy I received news that my baby had turned from head down to transverse - a condition that nearly always necessitates a c-section. I was so disappointed as my goal was a natural delivery. I was determined to do anything I could to avoid the standard medical treatment for this condition a "version". Liat was very accommodating and saw me that weekend for reflexology. In under 2 sessions that little baby had turned with the help of reflexology & Moxibustion! I sincerely appreciate the expert skills and the most calmness shown to me by Liat during my pregnancy journey – M.C x

MC, Receptionist - Transverse Breech Resolved Maternity Care Reflexology

Hi Liat, Finley came rather early but I knew he'd be. Just not this early :) thanks again for the wonderful work you've done on me on Sunday. Hopefully I'll find time to come to see you again :) x

LM, Accountant AssistantMaternity Care Reflexology

Thanks so much for a wonderful treatment yesterday Yoga Garden Party. I thought it was a lovely day - such a great atmosphere and well done to all the practitioners for giving so freely of their time. I was the one suffering with acid reflux, which you thought could well be attributable to the HRT I am currently taking. You might like to know that, last night, I slept well with no heartburn despite hours of chasing up and down the M25, and returning to a late barbecue and a few drinks. I think it must, in part, have been due to your treatment - so thank you.

Karen, Yoga Garden Party delegateEvent Reflexology

I was recommended to approach NMF Clinic through discussion with a friend who was currently being supported by Liat although for something very different. I had been to the GP repeatedly and I felt they just didn’t take me seriously I had been told I was peri-menopausal. I was so fed up feeling down, emotional and so tired I could hardly make it through the day, I no longer felt like me. It took me some time to pluck up the courage to email to see if there was anything they could do for me as was afraid it wouldn’t help but I was at the point I was about to give up; I was even considering giving up work because I felt so ill all of the time. After a particularly bad time I decided I had nothing to lose.

I was contacted by a wonderful woman who did not make me feel like I was being “silly” she was incredibly understanding, calming and patient. We talked through my issues, history and current situation; all the while my feet were soaking in a foot spa! I had a wonderful experience and felt so relaxed when it had finished and for the first time in ages I slept so well the night of my treatment.

It’s very difficult to pick out a specific bit of the treatment that I like the most as all of it is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. However it’s the continued improvement to my physical and mental health that keeps me attending I feel better than I have in a long time.

I would highly recommend using the NMF Clinic to anyone who has been going through the menopause. Liat is amazing and will go out of her way to address your specific problems. I feel so much better; I almost feel like me again.

CSHormonal Imbalance Reflexology

I was suffering with a constant headache, hot flushes and feeling tearful. It was pretty unbearable. I did go to see my GP. He offered me medication for menopausal symptoms, but even though I was feeling so down and tearful, I didn’t want to take lots of tablets.

At the time I was also taking private yoga lessons and my teacher recommended seeing Liat. I hadn’t ever thought about trying reflexology for my headache, but I went with an open mind. I knew I would enjoy it, at least.

I’ve been seeing her now for about four months to rebalance and harmonise my hormones. My headaches stopped altogether after just three or four weeks. I suddenly realised ‘Oh my God! It’s gone!’ It had been such a constant pressure, that I felt lighter and so relieved.

She is so gentle and her treatments are incredibly relaxing. She prescribes a two week break every now and then so that I can see how my body is responding. I don’t get any headaches any more, I don’t get any PMS, no build up at all.

I’ve already recommended Liat and the nmf clinic to a friend who was suffering with a different set of menopausal symptoms. I believe she’s feeling more like herself now too.

A Hormonal Imbalance Reflexology

When I first heard about the nmf clinic and reflexology treatment, I was sceptical. My wife had been complaining for ages about constant headaches. After just three weeks she said they were gone.

“How can your head be cleared from your feet?” I thought. “You should try it,’ she said and challenged me to have treatment for my arthritis and stomach pains in preparation for surgery.

I found it to be very relaxing – which as I run my own business was good for a start. Liat has focused on helping relieve the arthritis in my knees and ankles. They are now less swollen and less painful. My digestive system is also better and my breathing is easier.

Reflexology isn’t going to cure my underlying health issues, but it has helped me to relieve the more painful symptoms that were limiting my mobility. I was sceptical, but I believe it works for me and will help my recovery from surgery later in the year.

A, Business Owner Wellbeing Reflexology

Hi Liat, Nathaniel came 3.17 am, 7lb 14, and despite an threat of an induction and c-birth, I had a natural water birth! Thank you so much for helping me get there, S xx

S, Teacher Maternity Care Reflexology

I would say that even if you are skeptical about any aspect of reflexology when pregnant, it's the most wonderfully relaxing and calming experience, and I don't know many pregnant women who wouldn't welcome a chance to really relax, especially towards the end of their pregnancy.

Liat is a lovely calming and welcoming person who at once put me at my ease, and I got so much more out of the sessions that just relaxation. It helped me prepare for my birth which I knew wouldn't be 100% straight forwards as there was a medical reason I had to be induced, but despite this I had a water birth and relatively quick labour, and my son, who was monitored throughout, remained relaxed and stress free throughout.

Spending the time before his birth focusing on it and relaxing I feel helped a great deal, and I'd recommend it to any expectant mum.

S, Hypnotherapist Maternity Care Reflexology

Dear Liat, Thank you so much! Thank you for everything!

I started getting period pains and backache at about 11:30pm. Contractions started getting strong and close together at 3pm. Got to the hospital at 4:05pm and Sophie Amelia she was born at 6:02pm, weighing 7lb 8oz!

No gas and air no epidural. Natural just as I hoped for. I cannot thank you enough. S xx

S Maternity Care Reflexology

Morning Liat, wonderful news!!!...Baby Mairéad (rhymes with parade) Grace born at 8.45 last night after a very quick labour (3.45 hours!) in the birthing pool at home-a proper water baby! Weighing 7.3 and with a big shock of black hair! Looks just like her dad. All very well.

I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me get here, it has been a fantastic journey for me and I'm so glad you have shared in it. L xxx

L, NHS Worker Fertility Reflexology & Maternity Care Reflexology

My periods had always been heavy, but this year things got out of hand. There would be days when I couldn’t leave the house without a change of clothes, other days the flow was so heavy I was housebound. On holiday, I had to have three days of room service because I couldn’t make it to the restaurant. By April, my periods were lasting six weeks at a time and I was shattered.

Finally in May, a good friend said, “You need to see Liat.” Well, first I went to see my GP. I was advised to start taking a course of tablets when my period ended. That didn’t feel a satisfactory outcome. I was worried that taking medication for heavy periods might put me on a path towards hysterectomy. I wanted to do this naturally, so in June I made my first appointment to see Liat at the nmf clinic.

She is amazing. It’s mid October now and I have already had a couple of normal periods. For me that means having two clear weeks at a time. I even managed to take a holiday in Prague during a period - it just wasn’t a big issue. Liat has also advised me on natural supplements to boost by my iron levels without any unpleasant side effects (like constipation). I’m already recommending her to friends with similar hormonal problems. I needed weekly treatments, but it’s been worth it. I feel normal - before I was tired, tearful and bad tempered. I am in a much better place now.

MH Pre Menopausal Hormonal Imbalance

When a friend recommended Liat to me, it coincided with the realisation that I’d been experiencing stress and tension in my neck and shoulders for 10 to 15 years. I thought it was a long term condition that I was just going to have to live with. It wasn’t causing pain, but the continual tension was getting worse.

Liat gave me confidence and hope that the problem was not insurmountable. In fact, there was a reduction in tightness almost instantly following the first treatment. Within the first few of sessions, we agreed that reflexology was rebalancing my body. However, since my neck muscles were conditioned to being tight, Liat also gave me a hot stone massage. It was lovely and I would say that on a whim, I would have that again.

After the initial weekly sessions, I’m now seeing Liat a couple of times a month in both her Faversham and Canterbury clinics. Instead of constant tension, it’s now unusual for me to feel stress across my neck and shoulders. I would definitely recommend her to friends.

JP Alleviating muscular tension